David's Herald article on the Local Electricity Bill

Last month I was pleased to be one of the co-sponsors of the Local Electricity Bill that my colleague Peter Aldous introduced to Parliament with support from the organisation Power for People.

David's Herald article on life returning to normal

Having only been an MP for 6 months, its hard for me to know what ‘normal’ life should feel like in the role, but last week I felt like a semblance of routine is starting to emerge again.  

David's Herald article on farming and the environment

Since my last column several pieces of legislation have been debated in the House of Commons. The most exciting one in my view was the Agriculture Bill, which simultaneously supports 2 key interests for the Wantage and Didcot constituency – farming and protecting the environment. 

Response regarding Dominic Cummings

Earlier today, I replied to constituents who have emailed me about Dominic Cummings. Below I copy what I have sent to them:

David's Herald article on the way out of lockdown

Today we begin Step 1 of the Government’s plan for lifting the restrictions it has imposed to fight the spread of Coronavirus. I summarise here what will happen in each of Steps 1-3 to hopefully answer some of your key questions following the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on Sunday. 

David's Herald article on the 'virtual Parliament'

Last week we saw something that most of us probably never imagined we’d see – and 1 or 2 of my colleagues probably wish they’d still not seen: proceedings in parliament conducted by video link.