David's Herald article on climate change

As a member of the Conservative Environment Network and one of the co-sponsors of the Local Electricity Bill, I take a keen interest in events, reports and activities that are designed to promote the importance of combatting climate change. This month, we’ve seen 2 different approaches.

David's Herald article on his constituency visits during August

Contrary to what certain media commentators suggest, the summer recess is not a 6-week holiday for MPs. I took 1 week off and went to the Lake District, but was otherwise working. The reasons that people contact their MP don’t cease just because proceedings in the House of Commons do.

David's article on exam results

Given I spent 16 years running organisations that helped disadvantaged young people, it won’t surprise you that I found A-Level Results day difficult to watch.

David's Oxford Mail article on the 7 things he's learned so far

I am regularly asked ‘what’s it like to be an MP?’. I never answer with certainty because I have only been one since December and by the end of March we were on lockdown. But here are 7 of the (many) things I’ve learned in my first 7 months.

David's Herald article on the Local Electricity Bill

Last month I was pleased to be one of the co-sponsors of the Local Electricity Bill that my colleague Peter Aldous introduced to Parliament with support from the organisation Power for People.

The truth about the Trade Bill this week

Let me say at the outset that the Trade Bill is a continuity Bill, and it cannot be used to implement new free trade agreements with countries such as the U.S.

David speaking in the statement on China

David spoke in favour of the Government’s actions on suspending our extradition treaty with Hong Kong in view of the new national security law China is imposing on the island.