Fighting for the Infrastructure We Need

We all know we need for more infrastructure (from schools to shops to GP surgeries) in the constituency to keep pace with all the new housing that has been built. I have made this one of my top priorities in Parliament.

Nowhere is the need for infrastructure better seen than in the lack of new GP surgeries. By 2027, Didcot will be 42% larger than it was a decade earlier and Wantage and Grove will be 59% larger. There are thousands more houses being built in Wallingford, Faringdon and all the villages I represent. However, despite this growth, we have not seen a single new GP surgery.

I am taking action and have:

Raised this problem countless times in the House of Commons and with Ministers in various meetings, including the Prime Minister and the Housing Minister.

Led a debate focusing on the concerns constituents have with housebuilding and the lack of infrastructure at the start of this year, where I again put these concerns directly to the Housing Minister.

Joined forces with other MPs facing similar problems, and spoke in a debate alongside them about the need for more GP surgeries.

Carried out a constituency-wide Health Services Survey to give everyone the opportunity to share their thoughts about the improvements we need to our health services, especially GP surgeries, which thousands of local people responded to.

Secured a debate on our local health services during which I shared the results of my survey to make the case directly to the Health Minister that we need more and better local health services - and secured a meeting with the Minister to discuss this in more detail.

Carried out a constituency-wide Childcare Survey to give local parents, grandparents, guardians and carers the chance to share their views on how they find accessing childcare locally and what they'd like to see more of, which I shared with the Department for Education.

You can see more about my campaign by clicking on the links below. 


David welcomes Michael Gove to Southmoor

Michael Gove has said he was ‘incredibly impressed’ by Southmoor homes built by Greencore Construction, a developer of climate-positive homes that he was taken to by local MP, David Johnston.