Speeches in Parliament

David asks Environment Secretary about pubs

David asks the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs about local pubs and the way some have adapted to a takeaway model during the lockdown. The Government recognises this is not a substitute for being open properly.

David speaks in Immigration Bill debate

Today, David spoke in favour of the Immigration Bill and stressed the need for better infrastructure with regard to schools and healthcare to support immigration in the future.

David speaks in Agriculture Bill debate

Today David spoke in the Agriculture Bill debate, a landmark piece of legislation that will support British farmers and help protect the environment.

David speaks in Budget debate

David spoke in today's Budget debate on innovation and the importance of the Government's investment in the Harwell Campus and Natural History Museum partnership.

David speaks in debate on school uniforms

David spoke today in favour of Mike Amesbury MP's Private Members' Bill on the cost of school uniforms. The bill aims to #CutTheCost of school uniform for families and has Government support to progress through the House.