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David's Childcare Survey

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Do you have children?
What childcare services or arrangements have you used in the last 5 years?
Have you experienced difficulties in accessing childcare?
What issues have you experienced that have made it difficult to access childcare?
Has the cost of childcare impacted your ability to work?
Do you currently receive or have you ever received any of the following support from the Government?
How much a month do you spend on childcare?
Do you support the Government’s plan to expand free childcare to 30 hours every week for working parents of all children under 5 years old by 2025?
Would you like more children and if so, is there something holding you back?
Do you think we have enough childcare infrastructure (e.g. nurseries) in our area?
What childcare infrastructure do we need more of in our area?
If you have a child with special educational needs, have you experienced difficulty in accessing support for them?