David's Herald article on the 'virtual Parliament'

Last week we saw something that most of us probably never imagined we’d see – and 1 or 2 of my colleagues probably wish they’d still not seen: proceedings in parliament conducted by video link.

David's Herald article on 10 common coronavirus questions

This week, I thought I would provide answers to 10 of the most common questions that I am currently asked regarding issues relating to Coronavirus. I won’t get anywhere close to covering every detail or question as I get around 200 queries every day.

David's Herald article on help for those affected by COVID-19

All MPs find themselves in pretty much the same situation at the moment. Meetings and events with people at parliament ceased a couple of weeks ago and we were advised to avoid public engagements. The parliamentary estate became a pretty eerie place last week; MPs were there but all in their indi

David speaks in Budget debate

David spoke in today's Budget debate on innovation and the importance of the Government's investment in the Harwell Campus and Natural History Museum partnership.

David's interview with the Oxford Mail

David gave an interview to the Oxford Mail this week in which he discusses his first few weeks as an MP, life in the constituency and what made him decide to run for Parliament.

David speaks in debate on school uniforms

David spoke today in favour of Mike Amesbury MP's Private Members' Bill on the cost of school uniforms. The bill aims to #CutTheCost of school uniform for families and has Government support to progress through the House. 

David’s Herald article on climate change

I have attended numerous meetings and events with individuals, businesses and charities who are working to combat climate change and protect our environment in the last month, including an event on air quality, one of the areas I am particularly interested in.

David's Herald article on Grove Station

Last week in the House of Commons I used 'Business Questions' - when you can ask about anything - to raise the issue of re-opening Grove Station (pictured above).