My Plan for Wantage and Didcot

Campaigning for Grove Station 

I have been campaigning for Grove Station to be reopened - championing it in the House of Commons, meeting with Transport Ministers and rail organisations to push for it and undertaking a survey of local people to show the support for it (98% were in favour!). I got Grove on a list of stations to be considered for Government funding for the first time and will keep going until we're successful.

Protecting the Environment 

I am a member of the Conservative Environment Network and one of their Net Zero Champions. I co-sponsor the Local Electricity Bill to help local suppliers of renewable energy and regularly talk about the environment in Parliament. I frequently meet with constituents to discuss their ideas and I held a pre-COP26 Summit to gather ideas that I am promoting with the Government.

Fighting for the Health Services We Need

I have been having regular meetings with people locally and Government Ministers to ensure we get the health services we need - including more GP appointments - to serve our growing population. I will be holding a debate in Parliament about this and am working with the local NHS to seek additional health facilities. 

Obtaining Improvements to the A420/A34

We need the A420 re-established as a local road with good bus stops, crossings, walkways and lorries diverted elsewhere. We also need safety upgrades on the A34. I held a debate in Parliament about these issues and am pushing for these with several Ministers. 

Supporting Children and Young People

I am a Parliamentary Private Secretary at the Department for Education and Co-Chair a group of MPs passionate about social mobility. I regularly visit schools, meet with young people, and am working with local employers to encourage them to provide work experience and training opportunities. 

Tackling Unauthorised Travellers

We have had regular bouts of anti-social behaviour from unauthorised traveller camps. I have raised the issues at Ladygrove and at Great Western Park in the House of Commons and met with the Home Secretary to help push for the new laws that are coming into force soon.